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Raleigh, NC 27609

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Player Murray

Managing Broker
Alan Murray

Alan Murray — Real Estate Professional since 1975

“I look forward to coming to work every day with many friends to enjoy and always a great deal of help evaluating homes and solving problems. I love the positive attitude throughout the office and being surrounded by many successful agents. The people, the camaraderie, and the in-depth market knowledge are what set BHHS YSU apart.”
Tiddly Whitehead

Tiddly Whitehead — Real Estate Professional since 1988

“The reason that I love being here is that it is not work when you are surrounded by your friends: people are encouraging, interesting, supportive and fun. The tools, educational training and resources help me keep up with the changes in the real estate industry. The staff is beyond compare. Everybody helps everybody, staff and agents. Jenny is available, supportive, and an excellent trainer. There are fun social events, all in a conveniently located office.”
Kathryn West

Kathryn West — Real Estate Professional since 2001

“BHHS YSU is like an extended family with an upbeat office environment, great colleagues, and awesome staff support. Everyone at BHHS YSU is helpful, knowledgeable, and fun.”
Kristen Kincade

Kristen Kincade — Real Estate Professional since 2011

“BHHS YSU is a solid company with sound business principles. The company’s rich history and the expertise, standard of excellence, and cooperation among other agents and staff is truly unique. The other agents care about how they run their individual businesses and care about their clients. There is a lot to learn from the experience in our office. The support/sister services are beyond compare (Lending, Warranty, etc.). BHHS YSU is the best choice in real estate.”